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Baby Care


The Molfix Sun, which rose in 1998, continues to be the happiness that shines on the faces of millions of babies and mothers in more than 100 countries around the world. We offer health and comfort for babies with our innovative products that follow the latest trends in the diapers, wet wipes and changing mats categories, while making mothers' lives easier.

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Ranked among the top 5 in the world!

We are the world's 4th largest branded
diaper manufacturer with our production in 7 countries!

Another first from Molfix!

We bring health and hygiene together
with our bacteria-resistant packaging
and the use of UV-C (light) in production!

“Bond with Love”

With Bond with Love social responsibility project,
we help mothers and infant babies to connect to life with love.

Bebem Natural

Aiming to offer the best solutions at affordable prices to mothers that look for the best for their babies, Bebem has been an essential brand for mothers for 20 years. The brand, which meets with its consumers in more than 20 countries today, has become even stronger with the newest Bebem Natural family, which derives its power from nature. Mothers who look for the best and most natural of everything use Bebem Natural.

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Natural protection for babies

Bebem Natural is the natural protector of babies
with its unique formula that contains
bamboo fibers and organic cotton extract.

Internationally recognized quality

Vegan and halal certified Bebem Natural's
quality has been also approved by ITA Labs.



The Goodcare brand, which meets the basic expectations of mothers in baby care at affordable prices and offers quality solutions for the needs of a baby, continues its global journey,  in Egypt , Pakistan and other countries.

Babies deserve a good diaper!

Goodcare absorbs liquid quickly,
while its side barriers avoid leakage.

Protection for the baby’s skin

Goodcare is baby skin-friendly with its
formula free of chlorine, paraben, latex, and glyphosate.

Feminine Care


Molped, the brand of self-confident, brave, jocular, and freehearted young girls for more than 20 years, has always been their “best friend” in their world. Molped, which meets its consumers in more than 40 countries with its differentiating brand identity and wide product variety, continues its existence in the sanitary pad category with innovations and new achievements.

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2,100 pieces

Every minute 2,100 pieces of Molped
meet with consumers around the world.

Brand of innovations

SuperNight, Pure&Soft, Antibacterial, Wingless…
Innovation never ends with Molped!

“Girl's Promise” Coaching Support Program

As Molped, we stand by the girls
to encourage them in the journey to success.

Personal Health Care


Having started its journey with adult care products in 2013, Evony has brought its experience and knowledge to mask production industry with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and created the 3-layer Evony Mask with soft elastic straps.

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It’s not a mask, it’s Evony!

Evony Mask offers both protection and comfort,
with a 99% rate of protection from bacteria.

The most reliable hygiene brand

According to the research of Marketing Türkiye Magazine,
the most favorite hygiene brand for consumers by far is Evony!



Joly, Hayat’s brand that serves the need for adult diapers, provides superior care with its products designed to provide hygiene and confidence.

Superior Care = Joly

Confidence and comfort
go hand in hand with Joly.



Serving consumers in the personal health and adult care category, Goodcare offers a comfortable use with its diapers and produces hygienic solutions for inpatients with its absorbent upper surface, breathable fabric structure, and odor control features.

Comfortable and safe

Non-allergenic and sweat-proof Goodcare masks
provide full protection with its layers suitable for sensitive skin.

Home Care



Having entered the home care products market in Turkey in 1987, Bingo has been welcomed by millions of homes in 105 countries as an umbrella brand with product launches in different categories since then. Bingo, Turkey’s leading brand in the laundry detergent and perfumed surface cleaner categories, offers more than cleaning by making women's lives easier with its consumer-oriented innovations and add-benefits.

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Best Buy Award 2021-2022

The best quality-price ratio among the
liquid laundry detergents in the Turkish market.

Firsts from Bingo!

Algeria’s first and only anti-bad odor detergent
and the first liquid detergent with keratin.

Bingo Oxyjen

Bingo Oxyjen

Having made a revolutionary introduction of the first chlorine-free bleach in the Turkish market, Bingo Oxyjen provides “hygiene that allows breathing” in homes with its export to 45 countries and its expanding product portfolio. Bingo Oxyjen puts an end to the health-performance dilemma with its product ingredients with less chemicals, while making no compromises on performance.

A first from Bingo Oxyjen!

Launch of chlorine-free bleach (2018)

Expanding product portfolio

Products that meet every need,
from laundry detergent to fabric softener.

Both hygienic and natural

Introduction of plant-based products
in line with the rising trend for natural products.


Test, which entered the Algerian market in 2006 with Hayat’s extensive experience and strong R&D investment, is one of the biggest players in the market today. Test, which has produced many smart and affordable products that facilitated the lives of women in the home care category since then, expanded its market coverage with its introduction to the Iranian market in 2019.

Wide product portfolio

Wide product portfolio in laundry care,
dish care, and hard surface categories.

First in Algeria!

The first brand to use child-resistant caps
with a target nozzle in bleach products.

Brand that leads the market

Ranked in the top 2 in the Algerian market;
in the top 10 among 200 brands in Iran.



Defying the traditional approach in the tissue market 15 years ago with the motto “Because you deserve better”, Papia broke the stereotypes by introducing the highest quality and most innovative products to its consumers in every geography it has been to. This courageous stance brought Papia the leadership of the premium segment.

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Papia: a pioneering brand!

Turkey’s first and only toilet paper and paper towel produced with B-side technology;
Turkey’s first and only patterned towel; Turkey’s only toilet paper with a real perfume.



With its wide range, Familia products are used with admiration not only in Turkey but also in more than 60 countries around the world. This is why Familia, which offers rational and innovative choices considering the hygiene of the families and brings its high quality products to consumers at affordable prices, is among the most popular brands.

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Familia is an innate leader!

Familia is Turkey’s most preferred
tissue brand.

First in Turkey!

Cleaning is extra easy now with
Familia detergent-soaked cleaning towel.


Bringing affordable products to consumers in order to enable easy access of each individual to hygiene, Teno makes a cleaner and safer life possible for everyone with its wide product range.

The leader of its segment!

Teno brings quality and economy together
and leads the affordable segment in Turkey.

Unmatched story of success!

Teno crowns its success in the Iranian market,
which it entered in 2013, with a clear leadership.


Focus, Hayat’s out-of-home consumption brand, has been offering quality and innovative solutions with its tissue and chemical product portfolio to professional users and institutions since 2007. Focus products produced in Turkey, Russia, and Egypt expand their market coverage by reaching corporate customers in more countries each year.

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Produced from 100% cellulose

Focus products, which are produced from
pure cellulose, do not contain bleaching chemicals.

International quality assurance

Focus, a member of the ISSA,
endorses its quality with international certificates.



Nelex's wide range of tissue products, which entered the Iranian market in 2017, are produced with the reliable Hayat quality. Nelex offers products such as toilet paper, paper towels, tissue box, and polyethylene wipes to consumers at affordable prices.



Making a difference in all the markets it operates with its quality, knowledge, and experience in the category, Goodcare, the newest brand of Hayat, offers different tissue products needed in daily life to consumers at affordable prices.

Health first!

Goodcare products do not contain chlorine, paraben, latex, or glyphosate.