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Baby Care


MOLFIX was launched in 2015 in Nigeria with superior and unique diaper features that caters to babies’ diapering needs and has aided mothers’ convenience. Apart from being first baby diaper with the Special Umbilical Cord Notch feature for Newborns’ navel care, MOLFIX dıpaer also has another superior unique features that completely sets the brand as a brand of choice. MOLFIX is also known for its ultrabreathability, ultra absorption, elastic, antileakage and skin friendly structure. With MOLFIX AIR-DRY, we are rest assured that your baby will be clean, dry and comfortable at all times.

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Brand Of the year (ADVAN Awards 2019)

Diaper Brand of the year (2020 Brandcom Awards)

First Choice/ Most loved Baby Diaper Brand (2020 Consumers Choice Awards

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BEBEM baby diaper was launched in 2018 into the diaper hygiene category.

BEBEM is an affordable solution for consumers having elastic side bands. But with better quality when compared to other economic diaper brands.

With BEBEM it is Economy for families, while ensuring a better diapering solution for their babies.

Good price more smiles.

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Natural protection for babies

Bebem Natural is the natural protector of babies
with its unique formula that contains
bamboo fibers and organic cotton extract.

Internationally recognized quality

Vegan and halal certified Bebem Natural's
quality has been also approved by ITA Labs.

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The Goodcare brand, which meets the basic expectations of mothers in baby care at affordable prices and offers quality solutions for the needs of a baby, continues its global journey,  in Egypt , Pakistan and other countries.

Babies deserve a good diaper!

Goodcare absorbs liquid quickly,
while its side barriers avoid leakage.

Protection for the baby’s skin

Goodcare is baby skin-friendly with its
formula free of chlorine, paraben, latex, and glyphosate.

Feminine Care


As a pad manufacturer, we are aware that women deserve more than discomfort, leakages, and irritation. So we started this journey with an ultimate aim to provide women with what they really deserve. We produced MOLPED Sanitary pads in two variants; Molped Ultra soft and Molped Maxi thick with side wing variants to provide up to 100% leak protection, zero irritation and skin-friendly!

No irritation
No leakage
No nylon
Yes skin friendly MOLPED!

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PAPIA Tissues was launched in Nigeria in 2017 and is made of “100% natural cellulose”, which means that no recycled paper was used in its production. This alongside its closed manufacturing process with no human touch, makes it “100% hygienic”

Apart from these attributes, PAPIA is “silky soft” and “absorbent” because of the technology used in its manufacturing process, which is the first of its kind in Nigeria.

PAPIA… Because you deserve the best!

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FAMILIA was launched into Nigeria in 2017 and is available across Toilet papers and Kitchen towels.

Its Tissue variants cuts across 2 ply «Economy» Tissues to 3 Ply Tissues.

FAMILIA is the only Nigerian manufacturer of «perfumed tissues» with its 3 ply Strawberry and Magic Flower scented toilet papers.

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Familia is an innate leader!

Familia is Turkey’s most preferred
tissue brand.

First in Turkey!

Cleaning is extra easy now with
Familia detergent-soaked cleaning towel.

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Bringing affordable products to consumers in order to enable easy access of each individual to hygiene, Teno makes a cleaner and safer life possible for everyone with its wide product range.

The leader of its segment!

Teno brings quality and economy together
and leads the affordable segment in Turkey.

Unmatched story of success!

Teno crowns its success in the Iranian market,
which it entered in 2013, with a clear leadership.


Focus, Hayat’s out-of-home consumption brand, has been offering quality and innovative solutions with its tissue and chemical product portfolio to professional users and institutions since 2007. Focus products produced in Turkey, Russia, and Egypt expand their market coverage by reaching corporate customers in more countries each year.

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Produced from 100% cellulose

Focus products, which are produced from
pure cellulose, do not contain bleaching chemicals.

International quality assurance

Focus, a member of the ISSA,
endorses its quality with international certificates.



Nelex's wide range of tissue products, which entered the Iranian market in 2017, are produced with the reliable Hayat quality. Nelex offers products such as toilet paper, paper towels, tissue box, and polyethylene wipes to consumers at affordable prices.



Making a difference in all the markets it operates with its quality, knowledge, and experience in the category, Goodcare, the newest brand of Hayat, offers different tissue products needed in daily life to consumers at affordable prices.

Health first!

Goodcare products do not contain chlorine, paraben, latex, or glyphosate.