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Privacy Notice

We respect your privacy and we are committed to protecting it. Hayat Kimya Kenya Hygienic Products Limited (“Hayat Kimya” or “Company”) is a controller of the personal data submitted through this website or collected in other ways. This Privacy Notice applies to the personal data we may collect from visitors to our websites and premises.
1. Purpose of Processing Personal Data
We process your personal data within the scope of our activities stated below:
  • Your name, surname, contact information: We collect your data to communicate with you about your complaints and when you take part in a customer satisfaction surveys;
  • IP address and browser information: We obtain these data through cookies for the purposes of conducting information security processes, auditing and improving user experience;
  • Contact and time data: When you visit Hayat sites and premises, we process information to ensure the physical security of the people and items, and administration of your visit;
  • Identity, communication and audio/visual data: If you participate in Company campaigns, social responsibility projects and various organizations, we process your data for the purpose of promoting, advertisement of these activities.
  • Job application data: We collect information about details of your qualifications, skills, experience and employment history and other related data when you apply for a job or internship in Hayat, for the purpose of evaluating your application and conducting HR processes;
  • Name, surname, contact data: If you make a notification to the Hayat Ethics, we collect your personal data and the documents you submitted for investigation of conducting the relevant notification.
2. Collection Method of Personal Data and Its Lawful Basis
The personal data that you shared with us through electronic sources (website, various contracts, mobile applications, e-mail, telephone or application forms, etc.) or written documents, are processed, in a limited and proportionate manner, as a part of fulfilling our legal and contractual obligations, or within the scope of our legitimate interest. Your personal data is stored for no longer than is necessary for the purposes of processing relevant personal data and legal obligations.
3. Data Protection
Every data controller or processor is required to ensure that all personal data is processed lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner in relation to any data subject. The Act applies to data controllers and processors established or resident in or outside Kenya in so far as they process personal data while in Kenya or of data subjects located in Kenya.
The data subjects have the right to be informed of the use to which their personal data is to be put; to access their personal data; to object to the processing of all or part of their personal data; to correction of false or misleading data; and to deletion of false or misleading data about them.
Care should be taken in the manner in which data is collected, used and processed. The primary overarching principle being that personal data should only be collected directly from the data subject and used (be it for processing, commercial use or otherwise) with the express consent of the subject. There are certain exclusions on the collection of personal data such as data already contained in public records, collection from a different source authorised by the subject and so on.
4. Storage of Data
There are no prescribed durations for the retention of personal data. Data controllers and processors are required to apply a reasonableness test in assessing retention durations.
5. Sensitive Data
Data that reveals race, health status, ethnic social origin, conscience, belief, genetic data, biometric data, property details, marital status, family details including names of children, parents, spouse or spouses, sex or the sexual orientation are deemed sensitive data. Specific provisions apply to the collection, storage and processing of such data. For example, personal data relating to the health of a data subject may only be processed by or under the responsibility of a health care provider.
6. Transfer of Personal Data
We may share your data with job application platforms when you apply for a job/internship through these platforms. Depending on the nature of the processing activity, we may also share your personal data within the group companies, Hayat affiliates and business partners in accordance with the purpose of processing.
7. Transfer of Personal Data Outside Kenya
Data controllers and processors will be permitted to transfer personal data to another country only where the data controller or data processor has given proof to the Commissioner on the appropriate safeguards with respect to the security and protection of the personal data. It is not clear what process needs to be followed in this regard
8. Rights of Data Subject
You have a number of rights in relation to your personal data. You can:
  • Access and obtain a copy of your personal data,
  • Request information about the transfer of personal data to third parties,
  • Require Hayat to change incorrect or incomplete data,
  • Request the erasure of your personal data,
9. Contact Information
If you have a question in accordance with your legal rights, please send your e-mail to info@hayat.ke.