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Economic performance, product quality and safety, innovation and R&D studies, and occupational health and safety constitute the main priorities of our global sustainability approach, which supports our vision of providing benefits for generations.
While we diversify our products in the light of consumer needs and expectations in order to ensure the continuity of our financial and operational success and to continue our sustainable growth, we keep making investments in Turkey and in the world. We support local employment through sales-marketing or facility investments in the countries we operate and add value to economic development by focusing on activities that will make the success of our brands permanent. In our operations, we work based on efficiency, from the selection of raw materials and packaging to production technologies, and we extend the systems that will improve our efficiency.

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Since the first day of our establishment, we have been carrying out our operations with a focus on high quality and innovation, and today we deliver our brands born in Turkey to millions of homes in more than 100 countries. With the belief that everyone has the right to access quality and safe products, we offer the same high quality to our consumers in all countries we operate.
In the basis of our “Quality Vision” lies the assurance of the continuity of our high quality products and services, which always and everywhere first come to mind, in line with customer and consumer expectations and within the framework of sustainable costs for our company. While doing this, we constantly strive to work with high efficiency, minimize our losses and reduce our environmental impact, and develop systems that will enable the improvement of our products and our production and service processes.

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We see innovation and R&D as the cornerstones of a sustainable future. For this reason, we established the first and most comprehensive R&D Center in our industry in Turkey. We bring the ideas, products, and technologies we develop in our award-winning R&D Center from Turkey to the whole world.
We keep the different consumer needs and expectations in different geographies at the heart of our innovative approach. We attach importance to understanding our consumers and following the trends in the world at all times in order to develop and offer products that suit their needs. As a company competing with both local manufacturers and international manufacturers in the global arena, we take the culture of innovation to all areas of our business with a comprehensive understanding of R&D, from products to packaging, and from processes that increase efficiency to environment friendly technologies.
The Industry's Best R&D Center Award (2015)
101 researchers: 17 with a doctorate and 25 with a master's degree
Turkey's 63rd company that invests the most in R&D
More than 50 patent applications
26 TUBITAK projects, 3 European Union projects
800 comprehensive surveys conducted with 55,000 consumers (2019)
Most Innovative Brand Awards of the Year (2018, 2019)


With "HAYAT Excellence System", which focuses on global operational excellence, we blend our business culture with the best practices in the world, and aim to constantly improve in an environment where all our companies learn and are inspired from each other. In this context, with the Kaizen Suggestion and Rewarding System and the Lean 6 Sigma Certification Program, we increase our quality standards and also contribute to sustainability in all our production, supply chain, and R&D processes.
With the InoSuit program, which is an indicator of the importance we attach to the cooperation of industry and academia, we optimize the entire process, from idea to product creation. While increasing the capacity of our existing businesses with the efficiency projects we implement, we transform innovative ideas into product and process innovations.
2,137 Kaizen suggestions
A capacity increase of approximately 30% with InoSuitı


As an institution that act responsibly to our planet, society, and consumers, we perform all our activities with the awareness of environmental responsibility. We support our environmental approach, which includes the effective use of natural resources, waste management, and reducing the impact of our activities on the environment, with training activities that strengthen the environmental awareness of our employees and suppliers.

We are the least water-consuming tissue producer in Turkey, thanks to our efficiency practices on water saving.

  • More than 50% savings in groundwater consumption

With reference to the fact that water is one of the scarcest resources in the world, we implement special engineering solutions to minimize the amount of water used in our production processes and to reuse it in accordance with our quality standards, therefore we consistently reduce our water consumption.

We calculate our carbon footprint in order to observe the direct and indirect effects of our activities on climate change and to make necessary improvements.

  • 2.1% reduction in Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions between 2017-2019

We carry out projects that increase the efficiency of our operations, in addition to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and the energy we use per unit of production.

We aim to be the most energy efficient manufacturer in our industry by making improvements toward energy efficiency in all processes.

  • The first company in Turkey to receive the ISO 50001 Energy Management System certification

  • An average of 80% energy efficiency in our production facilities globally

this purpose, we lead exemplary works in our industry, and we provide an average of 80% energy efficiency by producing the electricity, heating, and cooling energies needed in our six production campuses in five countries with cogeneration technology.

Thanks to our waste management approach that supports the circular economy, we ensure that solid wastes are reduced, separated, disposed of in accordance with the legislation, and recovered as much as possible at the source.

  • 100% recovery from non-woven and flexible packaging waste

  • Production of tarpaulin for logistics needs from plastic film wastes

We treat and discharge wastewater in accordance with the legislation through our chemical and biological treatment systems in all our production facilities.


As Hayat, we consider our human capital the most important element of our sustainable future. We see our workforce of 9,000 people, who take Hayat’s quality and innovation to millions of homes in more than 100 countries, as the most important building block of our success. As a global company, our employees from different cultures are our greatest fortune. We ensure equal opportunity with our human resources policy that supports diversity and inclusion, and we are committed to provide a fair, safe, and healthy working environment to all our employees around the world.
In order to protect the health and safety of our employees, we rely on the worldwide accepted standards, as well as legal requirements, and our Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Policy, which is a part of the Hayat culture. In this context, with a proactive approach focused on preventing hazardous situations and occupational accidents, we identify the risk sources in advance at all our locations, take corrective and preventive actions, and support occupational health with extensive trainings.

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  • 2022

    Global Health Safety Environment Policy
Total of 14,476 person-hours of OHS training at all our locations in 2019


Our obligations to society are not limited to the quality and accessibility of our products and services. In addition to doing our job in the best way, we consider adding value to society as a fundamental responsibility. In addition to our social investment projects for mother and baby health, we extend our hand to the society and environment we live in with our corporate volunteering program Hayat Volunteers, and in this context we cooperate with various non-governmental organizations.
5,000 mothers and 350 midwives and nurses in 10 provinces trained by Molfix 'Bond with Love'
250 tons of product donations globally as part of the fight against coronavirus
Seven social responsibility projects with nearly 200 Hayat Volunteers.


We accept fairness, integrity, justice, and observance of rights as our basic principles in all our activities. In addition to complying with the laws of the countries in which we operate, we consider it a requirement of our business culture to treat people, environment, society, traditions and legislations with respect. The rules of business ethics, which we adopt as our fundamental values, determine the behavioral standards of all our employees and stakeholders and guide us in maintaining fair and honest relationships.

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  • 2022

    Code of Ethics and Business Conduct